Oh if I could tell you how many times I’ve heard this from gals who are thinking of starting a blog.

Are there too many blogs - Jessica Burgess

But what if Beyonce said,

There are already enough singers.

Or if the writer of the famous show on Netflix, “Virgin River” said,

There are already enough tv shows out there.

Well I for one would have a lot less fun in life because I couldn’t cut a rug to “Single Ladies” or binge watch “Virgin River” when my husband is gone for work.

So when you start to doubt starting a blog or an online business because there are “already so many others out there”, I just want you to remember those two examples.

You Have Something to Offer that Others Can’t

When I’ve been looking for tips online… say for “parenting”… and I happen upon a blog or website with info that doesn’t quite cover what I’m looking for, I keep searching and look for others.

I don’t stop and think,

Whelp, that one site didn’t have the answers and since I already looked there, I can’t see what else is out there.

See what I mean?

There are ALWAYS people out there looking for what YOU have to offer, because you:

  • have experience in something specific
  • a different point of view
  • have different suggestions or ideas
  • have your own personality

… and so much more.

So if you want to start a blog, know that there are people out there looking for you and what you have to offer.

Know what else?

They may even be willing to PAY you for what you know or have to offer.

So please oh please… stop holding out on all of us who NEED you.