Letting “fear” stop you from following your dreams of starting a blog/online business, by feeling like you have to do it “right” is the most common thing that I hear from others and I want to help you bust through that feeling.

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Starting a Blog or New Business the “Right” Way

I often receive messages on Instagram from busy mommas who want to start a blog and they usually have the same reason(s) of why they haven’t started or haven’t taken it seriously.

Ultimately, here’s what they tell me:

  • “If I start a blog (or tell anyone about it) what will people think?”
  • “I want to make sure I do it “right” so I haven’t started at all.”

Sound familiar?

Do you know what the common denominator is? Fear.

Now without trying to sound a little like “Dr. Jess – Blog Therapist”…

I want to tell you what helped me get started and what has helped so many blogging students of mine get started.

The “Why”

Now hold the phone… if hearing “the why” sounds cheesy, just bear with me because I’ll explain what this means and WHY it’s important.

But first, I want to share a real message from a Fantabulosity reader that touched on this exact topic and I want you to see what I told her.

“Hi Jessica. You’re kind and approachable so I figured I’d step out and message you. I’m sure you get many messages every day so if you don’t get a chance to answer, it’s okay!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a very long time (over 10 yrs) and I look back and think “if only I had kept with it, think of where I could be…”. But I’m still holding back. I worry about doing it all “right”, that I won’t enjoy it or see any results because I’m just another voice in a crowded online space. But I also feel like I owe it to myself to try once and for all. So I guess what I am wondering is, did you worry about getting started? If so, how did you manage the worries/fear to get where you are today?”

My answer…

“Hi (name protected for privacy)! Can you tell me why you wanted to start a blog in the first place? That should help me, help you!”


“I actually started a blog in 2008 because I thought it was so cool that I could get “help” from someone – a real person – online; recipes, fun crafts, whatever I was looking for. Same as you, it was fun and more of a hobby, learning something new. But I felt that my pictures weren’t as good & my writing wasn’t as polished and witty as the popular blogs. And what does a single 20 something really have to offer? (If I could go back in time and tell myself to keep at it and have fun because I would grow through that, I would!) Since then, there’s now the pressure of potential earnings, social media, competition, etc. So then it felt like I had to “launch” perfectly that first time to really be successful. And since I’ve never felt like I could do that, I’ve started 3 other blogs but never really told anyone. I have a site right now with 28 posts drafted. Some are even posts I really liked from previous blogs. I paid for the domain and it’s just sitting there, waiting, with a few posts and a light build-out.

I’ve enjoyed writing & photography since I was little so blogging would allow me an outlet for both those things. I like helping others and I feel like as I’m learning, maybe there are things others might find helpful too. That’s why I truly wanted to start a blog.

But the financial side has now kicked in and is why I think I need to give this an honest effort. I’m a new mom and have always wanted to be a SAHM but that hasn’t worked out. My husband and I have agreed on a timeline and some financial things for that to happen but having extra income might help us reach those goals faster and give us a bit more security so I can stay home sooner.

My reply:

“Well I honestly think your “why” is (because you want to share things to help others and the possibility of financially helping support your family) is the PERFECT reason to start working on that blog again!

And you know what? Today, more and more people want to see REAL life. They’re tired of the perfect photos and fake living on Instagram.
More and more (especially during these times) I see more messages in my inbox saying that they appreciate seeing “real life” so they can relate to it more. (Marriage isn’t perfect, how isn’t always clean, kids not always behaving, etc.)

So don’t let that hold you back.
Also, you mentioned that you started those blogs without really telling anyone. I don’t see why you couldn’t still do that, if you feel most comfortable with that! BUT… I will say when you don’t put yourself out there, without anyone “holding you to blogging” it’s easy to quit and put it on the back burner.

Now… not that I’m someone that preaches you should be a people pleaser by any means but there is REAL truth to being held accountable.
So when someone says “Have you posted anything lately?” it may make you think “Oh gosh, someone actually cares or reads it!

Or when someone says, “I loved that new blog post you wrote…” it can energize you to want to keep working on it. 🙂

Blogging is one of my favorite things for busy (and new) moms because we can work on it at any time of day. (Early in the morning before the kiddos wake up – that’s me right now, haha, and late at night after the kids go to bed! Not that you have to work at those times, it’s just nice to have that ability to be able to… you know?)

Now, I do want to say this… not because it’s to say “look what I did!!” but rather to tell you what’s possible.
Keep in mind I’ve been blogging a while but I just had my highest ad income day, I’ve ever had, on Thanksgiving.

(This means the amount of money I earned from just having ads on my blog. I didn’t have to do anything special that day or didn’t even have to be on my computer that day. I spent the day cooking, with my family and friends. But I still made the most I ever have made.)

I made $889 on Thanksgiving alone, in ads.
Is it because my green bean casserole went viral on Pinterest? Yes. Does that always happen? No.
BUT, with today being the last day of this month, I can safely predict that I’ll make $11,500 for the month of November, in ads alone. So that doesn’t include the sponsored posts I’ve done, the affiliate (referral) income, products I sell, etc.

It is the busiest time of year, blog traffic-wise, so don’t think I do this kind of income all year… YET. (My goal is to of course, and it’s very possible.) But I do make an average of at least $5,000 month in ads alone each month, the rest of the year.

So again, I tell you this, not because I want to say “look what I did!” but to tell you… it IS possible and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping others do this because I’m a real person, with real kids, homeschooling, making dinner, cleaning house, etc.

I started a blog from scratch, nothing has ever set-me up for blog success (like a celebrity sharing something of mine, etc.) It’s all due to what I’ve created, on my own. So that tells me others can too!

It has saved us financially during a really tough time and knowing that I have/had this blog to work in the background for me when we were in the hospital with my kiddo, brought me so much peace too.

So do I think you should go for it? YES! BIG YES!

Do you have to be a success over night? No. I sure wasn’t. Does it take work? You bet. But when you keep remembering your “why” behind why you’re doing it… it doesn’t feel like work and when you make money with it… it feels like a dream. Because it IS possible to do work that you love and make money while doing it.”

Your “Why”

Ok, so I didn’t touch on the “why” too much in that message but I wanted you to at least “hear” that if you’re experiencing what she’s experiencing… you’re not alone because ultimately her concern was based around the fear and “what if’s”.

But now I want to talk a little more about why it’s important to define your “why”.

When you know what your “why” is… it can be your motivation for taking the leap of starting your blog/business, and frankly, not even caring what other people think.

Maybe your “why” could be:

  • to have a creative outlet to express something you’re passionate about?
  • to make an income to support your family so you can have an extra financial cushion or to be able to go on a big family vacation every year?
  • making an impact in other people’s lives about a movement you believe in?

There could be so many different why’s and you know what? None of them are wrong. But if your “why” is strong enough, remembering and coming back to that thought when the doubt starts to creep in, is something that will push you up over that mountain.

So I encourage to be real with yourself, take a deep dive, and figure out what it really is that is driving you to want to start this blog or business.

Then, when you know what it is… write it down. Heck, put it on a post-it note and tape it to your bathroom mirror, or the place where you normally sit on the couch… anywhere! Do whatever it takes so you “why” can become the motivation to stomp the fear you have, in the ground.

Because friend… I speak from experience here:

When you feel passionate about something, nothing or no one will stop you.

Not Sure Where to Start?

I know it can be scary, confusing, and intimidating when you want to take a step in to the blog or business world but that’s EXACTLY what I’m super passionate about… helping YOU get started on the right foot, to conquer any fears you may have, and to save you time!

Contact me so we can see how I can help you figure out which business is right for you!