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make more money with your blog by working less.

“I want More pageviews. But how?”

Does this sound familiar?


You know what, even as someone who has between 500,000 &  600,000 pageviews a month, I still want more pageviews!

Why? Because more pageviews can equal more money!

But getting more pageviews isn’t the only way to make money blogging, either.

Since my blogging journey began in 2011, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, to get more pageviews to earn a “full-time” income, and even how to make money without depending on ad income alone… all without working full-time!

Big takeaway… I don’t want you working on things that don’t work. So let me help and show you what DOES work!


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Smart Bloggers Society

What if it didn’t take a ton of time and research to figure out what works to grow your blog and make a LOT more money with it?

With blogging, you can make money through ad income, affiliate income, sponsored posts (working with brands) selling your own digital and physical products and SO.MUCH.MORE… and inside of the Smart Bloggers Society, we will help you utilize all of those income streams and more, all while being a part of a community with others who have the same goal as you!

Are you ready for such a thing? I think you are… it’s time.

You’re tired of feeling “stuck” at the same level you’ve been at with your blog for a while now, and you’ve been waiting for someone to come along with the push that you need. This is that push, sister.


What is the Smart Bloggers Society?

It’s a community of bloggers JUST LIKE YOU, who have been in their blogging journey for a little while now, and are serious about taking their blog to the next level to make an income with it.

And not an “extra latte a week” kind of income… I mean, SERIOUS income.

Like, applying for an ad-network, kind of income or doubling, tripling or even making an ad income that reaches the INSANE amounts of money you’ve only heard about some people making. (I speak from experience!)

Like, getting a Paypal notification that you just received $200 in affiliate income for one referral, kind of income.

Or like, getting an email saying 3 people just bought your ebook for $37, kind of income.

Already making thousands each month with blogging? I’m thrilled for you but the SBS isn’t for you!

The goal of SBS is helping bloggers get TO the point of earning thousands each month!

Sound good? I think so too.

What’s inside of the Smart Bloggers Society?

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Get access to past & current lessons, along with ongoing support in our private community, where you’ll have access to me, experts & other blogging friends who are TRANSPARENT about what is working right now in the blogging world.

Creative Online Business Mentor - Jessica Burgess

Live Q&A's

I want to answer your specific questions. Want to know where you should be spending your time online these days? Want to know how to write emails that are actually opened? Need feedback on your latest blog post? Ask away and we’ll answer them for you!!

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Bite-size lessons

Have you ever been a part of a group that’s overwhelming with info? Me too, and this is different. You’re a busy gal, so here you can learn actionable growth strategies in bite-size pieces that you can implement for real growth! Get new lessons, weekly and access to over 90 videos already in our portal!

I’m ready to get started

How much does it cost?

Well, honestly, it’s unheard of at the moment. Here’s why…

My one-on-one sessions are $297/hour. BUT…

I decided creating a group atmosphere where not only you can connect with other bloggers who are in the same stage of blogging as you, allows me to help you SO MUCH MORE than I could in only a 60-minute phone call.

With the Smart Bloggers Society membership, you can get access to me,  and ongoing group support for almost half the price of a one-hour coaching call!

But do know that the price is going up, so lock it in NOW!

Ready To Get Started

Jessica Burgess The creative business mentor

Hey you… I’m Jessica.

I started my first blog in 2011, and I’ll be really real with you..

When I found out you could make money with a blog, it was game on. Now, 11 years later, I’m making an average of over $27,000 each month with my blog (through ads alone — not including what I earn from affiliates, brand work, product sales, etc.) while I homeschool my kids, travel on a whim and sit in my yoga pants 6 out of 7 days a week.  😉 


Who The Society Is For (And Who It’s Not For)

the society is for

  • YOU, if you already have a blog, and have been on the blogging journey for a little while, and have decided it’s time to get serious about making more money with your blog.
  • YOU, if you’re a food, lifestyle, fashion, travel, mom-blog, or in a similar blogging niche. (Other niches are welcome but these are the most common niches you’ll find in our group!)
  • YOU, if you’re willing to be transparent with other group members. (Secrets don’t make friends and helping someone always feels good!)
  • YOU, if you’re willing to implement the strategies taught inside!
  • YOU, if you’ll participate in the community of bloggers by encouraging, helping and receiving support from others!

the society is not for

  • you, if your blog is only a hobby and don’t care about it making money.
  • you, if you’re a brand new blogger. We will focus on growing & monetizing what you’ve already created and built!
  • you, if you’re not on Facebook. We will be using Facebook a LOT for our private group and I’d hate for you to miss out.
  • you, if “community” and sharing with others is not your cup of tea.
  • you, if your blog is already making thousands each month. Go you!!! But this is for someone who is wants to reach that level.
  • you, if you’re not willing to put in the work.
  • you, if you’re a mean girl. No mean girls allowed. 🙂 

See What Other Gals Are Saying:

Highly Recommended Working with Jessica!

“Make no mistake the information she shares is not basic! It’s the strategies you need to succeed and that she uses herself in her own blog. Jessica is so generous and genuine, she holds nothing back and shares all the golden nuggets!”

Charlotte, All You Need is Brunch (Member of  Jessica’s Blogging Workshop)


Charlotte Testimonial
Rachel Kowalchuk

She’s just real!

“It’s rare to meet someone in this world that not only has a passion to help people accomplish their goals but go the extra mile to dream with them. Jessica is my favorite kind of person because she is honest, open and lovely at the same time. She doesn’t sugar coat hard work or make accomplishing goals look more glamorous than it really is. Instead, she coaches you in a way that makes you feel like you’re brainstorming over coffee with a sweet friend. She’s just real. And in an industry that breeds competition, she wants to be your teammate. Rachel,, Client


Creative Online Business Mentor


What you can expect to learn more about, inside of the smart bloggers society…

Best Strategies for Getting more Pageviews

SEO and Keyword Research

Blogging Tools to Simplify & Save Time

Working with Brands & Affiliate Strategies and Companies to Use


Blog Structure

Hot Seats – where I can analyze your blog for instant feedback!



WHAT FORMAT is the Smart Bloggers Society in?

Once you join us, you’ll immediately get access to a free website called “Teachable” where I house all of the past and current teachings/lessons. However, you’ll also get access to our private Facebook community where everything will be hosted as well! Conversations, live teachings, and of course…. a place for you to post questions 24 hours a day, and you’ll find me there most of the time!

Do you still offer one-on-one coaching?

I do! And current members of the Smart Bloggers Society get a discounted hourly rate of $100 (normally $197/hr.)!

Is there anything else I should know?

Ummm… yeah. I kind of like to surprise you with gifts. So when you become a member of the Smart Bloggers Society, you actually become part of the family and you can expect to receive surprises in the mail from me from time to time. 😉

What if I decide that I can't continue this monthly membership?

Cancel anytime! I get that things happen so I want to make this as easy as possible for you. If you decide that you need to cancel, simply email: (at least 5 days before your next subscription payment is due so I can try to catch the billing software in time) and I’ll help you cancel! (Refunds for unused months/days cannot be processed.)

Ready to turn your blog

in to a success story too?

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