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Working at home and online can feel very alone at times. Amirite? But when we join forces it’s not only like having a new business best friend, you all of a sudden have someone who GETS IT. Someone to bounce ideas off of. But not just “someone”. ME! I have experience and I know what works… and just as important… what doesn’t work. So stop wasting precious time on what’s not working and have a mentor in your back pocket to push you to the next level!

It’s rare to meet someone in this world that not only has a passion to help people accomplish their goals but go the extra mile to dream with them. Jessica is my favorite kind of person because she is honest, open and lovely at the same time. She doesn’t sugar coat hard work or make accomplishing goals look more glamorous than it really is. Instead, she coaches you in a way that makes you feel like you’re brainstorming over coffee with a sweet friend. She’s just real. And in an industry that breeds competition, she wants to be your teammate.  – Rachel, SweetTeaandSprinkles.com, Client

 What can I do for you?

As someone who aims to balance family and work-life, I know what your day to to day looks like. You don’t have time to sit on zoom calls or even schedule meetings with a mentor once a week! (Hello unexpected sickness, babysitters backing out, sleepless nights, and trying to plan around dart-gun wars in the living room!

Each month, we work together on growing your blog/business all through online communication. (Introverts UNITE!)

When we kick-off, your online business all of a sudden has an extra set of eyes… but not only an extra set of eyes but a set of eyes that has EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, and PROVEN STRATEGIES. BOO-YAH!

“Which Package is for Me?”

If you’re serious and you’re ready to start/grow your blog and business, then the unlimited monthly package is what I recommend. Why wait? Why put off learning and growth any longer?

If you’re not sure where you’re headed and just want a jumpstart in the right direction, then the 1 hour call may be more for you… at least right now!

But don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have specific needs/questions!



Want to hash things out? Brainstorm? Get my advice on what your next step for your blog or business should be?

I offer a one-hour call so you can pick my brain and we can talk about your blog or business and I can help you strategize what your next steps should be! 

 Plus, I’ll also audit your blog/business before our call so we can utilize our one hour to the fullest potential!

After our call you’ll have a plan,  and I’ll also provide email support  afterwards with 3 email exchanges!

One Hour Phone or Zoom Call: $297

Unlimited 1-month MENTORSHIP


Want to start a blog/online business or have a blog/business that you’re ready to grow?

With 11 years of blogging experience + owning and operating my own blog that generates an income of over $25,000/month, (through ads, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing only) I’m ecstatic to help you reach your blogging goals too!

Every gal is at a different stage but working one-on-one with you, I get to meet you where YOU’RE at and give you an individualized focus and roadmap to bring RESULTS!

Unlimited One-on-One access: $2500/month


So we can set up a time to chat!

Monthly Mentorship program:


Get unlimited monthly access to me as your creative business mentor!

We’ll work together one-on-one, online, (through email/project management software) on the items to help you take your blog or creative online business to the next level.

Depending on your current needs, this may look like:

SEO (how to rank on Google), Pinterest, Newsletter Management, Creating Online Courses, Organization Systems, Increasing Pageviews, Engagement, Working with Brands, and so many more possibilities!

The beauty of this mentor relationship is that it’s customized for what YOU need. Not just a run of the mill type of process!


What’s the process?


Click the “Get in Touch” button and let me know what type of help you’re looking for!


Once I’ve received your message I’ll get back to you through email as soon as possible!


If we’re a great fit, we can pick a start date and then it’s off to the races! 


I’ll dive in to your blog/business and we’ll start working to get you REAL results!

Jessica goes above and beyond sharing her many years of blogging knowledge. Jessica wants you to succeed and it shows in everything she creates and how she shows up for everyone!

Laura, Blogger & Online Business Owner

Gracious Adventures

“Jessica really cares about people and is so connected to her faith that it inspired me to be more connected as well. I highly recommend Jessica is you’re looking for a mentor who will give you honest feedback, real behind the scenes info and guide you to turn your passion into a profitable business.”

Mia, Blogger & Creator

Mia Nicole Design Co

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