About jessica.

So are you ready to hear about this journey I’m on?

Well, I’ll share the cliff notes to save some of your time….and then, when we connect about your blog/business I’ll be happy to share more with you! I mean, we’re gonna be BFF so we gotta know one another, right? 😉 

• I married my high school sweetheart. No, we don’t have a perfect marriage and we can poke each other’s buttons but I still get butterflies when I see him walk in the door.

• I have two little boys, who are hysterical and so easy to love. I also homeschool the little guys and we take adventures each week to try and shake things up a bit.

• My husband and I grew up in a small town and lived there most of our lives until a few months ago we decided we were ready for a change and we up and moved (left almost everything behind) to Montana, to start a new life. It was the BEST decision we have ever made.

• I started a blog as a hobby in 2011 and became obsessed with the idea of making money with it, and now I’m earning more than I ever made working for corporate America and I’m on a mission to help others do the same!

Happy Clients

light roast Coffees

2 kids + 1 husband

What is a “Creative business mentor“?

I only work with those who are interested in starting and/or growing a creative business. Businesses such as blogs, hand-letterers, painters, cooks, vlogs, digital prints, gardeners… you name it! If it’s creative and you want to grow it and make an income from it… I’m your gal!

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