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I get you…

Hey there! 

So let’s get with it because I know your time is important…

I’m a busy mom, homeschooling my two little boys, working at home on my online businesses, and making time to love on my high school sweetheart – yes… that tall one with the black cowboy hat. Be still my cowboy-lovin’ heart.

In 2011 I started a blog as a hobby and I had no idea I could make money with it. Fast forward 10 years later and here I am, supporting my family financially with blogging and I fully believe that God is calling me to help other busy-moms with their blogs and online businesses because I know just how life-changing it can be!

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2 kids + 1 husband

What can I do for you?

As someone who aims to balance family and work-life, I know what your day to to day looks like. You don’t have time to sit on zoom calls or even schedule meetings with a mentor once a week! (Hello unexpected sickness, babysitters backing out, sleepless nights, and trying to plan around dart-gun wars in the living room!

Each month, we work together on growing your blog/business all through online communication. (Introverts UNITE!)

When we kick-off, your online business all of a sudden has an extra set of eyes… but not only an extra set of eyes but a set of eyes that has EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, and PROVEN STRATEGIES. BOO-YAH!

1-hour call

Want to hash things out? Brainstorm? Get my advice on what your next step for your blog or business should be?

I offer a one-hour call so you can pick my brain and we can talk about your blog or business and I can help you strategize what your next steps should be! 

 Plus, I’ll also audit your blog/business before our call so we can utilize our one hour to the fullest potential!

After our call you’ll have a plan,  and I’ll also provide email support  afterwards with 3 email exchanges!



Want to start a blog/online business or have a blog/business that you’re ready to grow?

With 10 years of blogging experience + owning and operating my own blog that generates an income of over $25,000/month, (through ads, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing only) I’m ecstatic to help you reach your blogging goals too!

Every gal is at a different stage but working one-on-one with you, I get to meet you where YOU’RE at and give you an individualized focus and roadmap to bring RESULTS!

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Are you ready to take action and turn your blog/business in to what you've dreamt about since day one?

I hear you... so let's do this so you can finally look back in a year and say "I'm so glad I started with this mentor when I did!"

Send me a message today so we can develop a game-plan!

“I decided to work with Jessica because I was tired of trying to put all the pieces of the blogging puzzle together on my own. Jessica is so real and approachable and she delivered all the information in terms a new blogger can easily understand. Make no mistake the information she shares is not basic! It’s the strategies you need to succeed and that she uses herself in her own blog. Jessica is so generous and genuine, she holds nothing back and shares all the golden nuggets! If you’re serious about creating a money making blog this is for you! Jessica goes above and beyond with her attention to details and incredible mentorship! Thank you so much Jessica!”


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